CEO's comments

Abeism is a name that expresses the strength in a company that holds to a steadfast philosophy. We combine this with our management policies as a company whose purpose is to provide sustained benefits to society.

Since our founding in 1946, we have continuously adapted to all types of transformations in society as we evolved our business leadership. In the current business climate, we are striving to realize the No.1 quality in the world, the No.1 productivity in the world, and the No.1 products in the world in each of our business fields through the use of our management strategies for expanding standardization, improving knowledge, and increasing speed.

We know the role of Abeism is more than just producing information. Our job is to provide knowledge of the very highest quality. This knowledge is information that we carefully select to satisfy the users' needs and then compile in a format that is easy to understand and use. We recognize that to transform information into knowledge, we must leverage our comprehensive capabilities in editing, creativity, and system structuring abilities in tandem with our many specialized skills.

Abeism Corporation provides knowledge embodied in informative media and solutions for a wide range of business fields. We are proud to be a manufacturing company that creates powerful media with excellent quality at competitive prices.

ABE Shuichi
President & CEO