Electronics Designing

  1. Excellent LSI designs for image processing

    Abeism's electronic designs began with circuit board designs, and now we are focusing on IC and LSI circuit designs. Our IC and LSI designs range from general-use IC and LSI to designs for programmable IC and LSI, ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) using hardware description language HDL (Verilog-HDL and VHDL). Nowadays, many electronic devices are equipped with image processing functions. Abeism's ASIC designs and FPGA designs feature powerful image processing capabilities. We offer a wealth of expertise especially in image compression and decompression technologies.
  2. Design verification and product evaluation for IC and LSI

    During the development process of IC and LSI, after a circuit is designed, it must be verified to assure that the operation and timing work according to the CAD designs. If there are no problems during this process, then the next step is production of a prototype. Before the prototype goes to mass production, it is mounted on a test device to evaluate whether it works as designed. At Abeism, we also handle verification after IC and LSI are designed, and we can evaluate these products. Evaluation work is not just the collection of data by doing simple measurements. This work requires the setup of evaluation criteria and conditions, evaluation methodologies, and analysis of evaluation results.
  3. Support for electronic device designs from the planning and development stage

    When a manufacturer develops a new electronic device, Abeism participates from the planning stages and does research ranging from outline specifications through to the advanced specifications. Then, we offer proposals to contract the entire operation from circuit board designs, to PCB designs, PCB production, and evaluations. At Abeism, we are working on fingerprint recognition devices, PCIe equipped miniature PC boards, expansion PC boards, and IOT boards for information collection and transmission that involve GPS and sensors.
  • Designing general-use IC, LSI
  • Designing programmable IC, LSI (ASIC, FPGA)
  • Design verification and product evaluation for IC and LSI
  • Designing PCB
  • Electronic device designs