1. Publication of print art and ceramic art periodicals

    At Abe Publishing Ltd. the publishing arm of Abeism, we publish print art magazine “Hanga Geijutsu” (founded 1973), the only art magazine in Japan that specializes in print art. We also publish ceramic art magazine "Honoho Geijutsu" (founded 1981), to present the culture of ceramic art in present day Japan. Abe Publishing has earned accolades for these unique art magazines from collectors, connoisseurs, and art critics alike, not to mention from the artists themselves, for innovative planning, a seasoned eye, and balanced editorial policy, as well as for both the format and quality of the printed publications.
  2. High-quality artwork collections book praised by artists

    For an artist, a collection of one’s works in a published book is an important means of expression. At Abe Publishing, we publish comprehensive collections (catalogue raisonné) of famous Japanese artists, as well as catalogs for art exhibitions. When creating these publications, the artists, graphic designers, and curators pay close attention to details and insist on realistic reproduction of the colors and textures of each artwork. Abe Publishing is unrivaled at these skills in print production. Our excellent quality, honed for the printing and editing of art publications, is highly regarded by artists.
  3. Publishing of books on medical care, healthcare, and sports

    In this age of 100-year lifespans, we are promoting the publication of books on sports, healthcare, and medical care as guides to living active lives and keeping our minds and bodies healthy. Our books on medical care and healthcare, which require expert knowledge, and our publications on sports, such as stretching and golf, which require flawless mastery, have earned the support of many readers for their lucid organization, clearly written text, and abundant graphics and illustrations.
  • Art related publishing (periodicals, collections of works, technical books, guidebooks, and studies)
  • Politics, society, and culture related publishing
  • Medical, healthcare, and sports related publishing

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