Marketing Support

  1. Easy-to-understand pamphlets produced by expert technical writers

    The pamphlets we produce at Abeism feature great designs as well as our professional copywriting. Copywriting is explaining technical information in ways that users readily understand; in other words, it is technical writing. Because there are so many functions in products nowadays, it is difficult for users to understand all their functions through conventional pamphlets. So, the manufacturer's customer support centers handle user questions about purchases by referring to the user's manuals. That is why for today's products, pamphlets need to be a digest of the contents of these instruction manuals.
  2. Quick design and production of sales promotion tools

    One of the most important aspects of marketing support is speed. Our writers handle last minute changes quickly to provide the best and most appropriate expressions. Abeism has incredible speed to bolster DTP and other design functions.
  3. Creation of compelling PowerPoint presentations

    Sales tools and press releases made in PowerPoint are usually covered in bullet point lists. These materials, typically lacking in appeal, can be transformed into incredibly polished documents through the editing work of our creators. At Abeism, we help our customers to bring their presentations to the next level by offering advice on copywriting, page layout, and of course by creating animations and designs.
  • Designing and producing sales promotion tools
    Company profiles/recruiting materials/catalogs/pamphlets/leaflets/PR brochures/company magazines/advertising/posters/calendars/panels/presentation materials